In a Competitive Landscape, Newsletters Are The Best Kept Secret

The School Communications Agency works with many excellent sponsors who help us fund Colorado school initiatives. We value this relationship very much. Sponsorship is an important investment, and we are proud to continue to offer a unique way to reach over 150,000 parents, multiple times per month through our digital newsletter program.

As a channel which connects businesses to the educational community, impressions are very important to us. Sponsors have a golden opportunity to make hundreds of thousands of impressions per month at the fraction of a cost of a traditional marketing campaign.

Here’s how we do it:

  • We connect schools and businesses.
    With the ability to brand themselves to 140 Colorado schools, sponsors have direct access to a committed demographic. The number of schools who are working with us is growing all the time, and sponsors get direct access to over 220,000 students and parents in those schools.
  • We deliver newsletters digitally, with a forward thinking approach.
    Our email open rates are over 90 percent, meaning parents are getting immediate exposure to your sponsorship, multiple times per month. That’s upwards of 400 percent over the industry average, according to Constant Contact data.
  • We know education, and how to effectively market your brand to our education audience, which makes us incredibly cost effective.
    According a recent thorough analysis, the average cost per click using Facebook ads was just over 29 cents per click in 2016.  To our sponsors that reach 100,000 parents with us, you would be paying roughly $27,000 for 100,000 Facebook clicks. Many of sponsors reach far more than that. And our rates, of course, are far, far lower. And we are far more targeted.
  • We engage parents with school news that they need and can’t get elsewhere.
    For a run down of the sporting events, or a cutting edge classroom idea that can be used to help their children, parents keep turning to our newsletter. We also work directly with sponsors to specifically brand their message to the K-12 audience. And, best of all, by sponsoring with The School Communications Agency, you get to contribute funding to our students’ futures. We’ve raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for Colorado schools so far with your help.

Sponsors, we thank you for your ongoing commitment to improving education. And to future sponsors, please reach out to us.

Together, we can continue to succeed.