Improving School Communications

   Three Wishes Granted!

  1. Improved Parent Communication: We help you inform and engage parents by providing
    consistent communication. It’s your content, formatted beautifully into a professional, mobile-ready newsletter!
  2. Reduced Workload: Who puts together the newsletter for your school? How much time does this take? We dedicate a professional publisher to your school who takes on the newsletter workload. Once formatted, we give you the digital copy for distribution.
  3. Money Coming Your Way: We find highly rated, family friendly and community-centric sponsors who want to support your school. We recognize them in the newsletter and you get additional discretionary funds!

We help schools, school districts and organizations by improving communications with parents, businesses and members of the community with our interactive newsletters, mobile apps and website sponsorship. Better communication leads to greater community participation and a reduced workload to the already burdened school faculty. We strive to see local businesses come together and support their local schools, all while creating a more informed community.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any hidden costs to our school or parents? 

  • No, the program is completely free to the schools, districts and organizations

Are we bound to a contract?

  • No. We are very confident you will love our program as do all of the schools who renew each year! We do understand, however, that we cannot know all of the moving pieces that affect the decisions of a school, district, or PTA/PTO each year. Therefore, we do not have you sign a contract

What if we already have a newsletter?

  • That’s great! We can take the workload off of your plate by providing you with a dedicated publisher to assist you in the time-intensive process of formatting the newsletter and making it mobile ready and publish it on your website and mobile application.

Do you ever contact our parents? 

  • No. We understand privacy is very important. Therefore, we will never contact your parents or ask for their contact information. You own the newsletter and distribution.

Can you produce a newsletter in a second language?

  • Yes, however we do not provide translation.

What kind of sponsors do you typically include? 

  • Only highly rated, family friendly and community-centric sponsors. Typically, these are medical practices, gymnasiums, tutoring services, etc.

How much can we expect to receive each year?

  • Most schools average $2,000-3,000 in flexible funding each school year. The amount of funding depends on the number of sponsors included in the newsletter.

What the Newsletters Look Like

240x314wernerAcres Green Elementary


The Pine Lane Press


Kullerstrand Elementary


Two Roads Charter School


PSD Transitions Newsletter


Bell Middle School Newsletter

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