How We Can Improve Your Communication

Easy to Use, Improved Communication,

Increase Your Funds

Our mission is to help schools, school districts and organizations by improving communications with parents, members and communities with our interactive newsletters, mobile apps and website sponsorship. Better communication leads to greater community participation and a reduced workload to the already burdened school faculty. We strive to see local businesses come together and support their local schools, all while creating a more informed community.

Let us grant you 3 wishes!

  1. Improved Parent Communication: We help you inform and engage parents by providing
    consistent communication. It’s your content, formatted beautifully into a professional, mobile-ready newsletter!
  2. Reduced Workload: Who puts together the newsletter for your school? How much time does this take? We dedicate a professional publisher to your school who takes on the newsletter workload. Once formatted, we give you the digital copy for distribution.
  3. Money Coming Your Way: We find highly rated, family friendly and community-centric sponsors who want to support your school. We recognize them in the newsletter and you get additional discretionary funds!


We are offering a mobile app!

– Parents Stay Connected: Access your school’s newsletter and website anywhere on-the-go and receive school event and cancellation updates.

– Simple Setup: Once you sign up, our professional publisher’s set up your own mobile application, which is ready to be downloaded on the app store!

– Stay Ahead Of The Curve: As the digital revolution enters full swing, be prepared with a mobile application, which parents love.

What’s the sign-up process?

Frequently Asked Questions

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