What Are Our Schools Saying About Us?

“We’re THRILLED with how the newsletter looks!”

Two Roads Charter School, Jeffco

“We are SO happy with you and your staff.   The extra money is able to be used for extra supplies we need at school, gifts for our FABULOUS volunteers, and things we would not normally be able to afford.  You are such a blessing to us, and our school.

Thank you SO much for the GREAT work that you do!!

Truscott Elementary School

“The School Communications Agency and Sandi Good have gone above and beyond in helping Dos Rios better reach our parents and community! The timelines and support in crafting content as well as securing business sponsorship has been invaluable, and the final product is visually appealing and easy to read.

We love TSCA and would recommend them to anyone focused on community outreach and improving school-to-home communications! Thank you, TSCA!

Dos Rios Elementary School, Greeley

“We have been using the newsletter for a couple months. Sandi has been fantastic! She is very patient with our busy schedule and doesn’t require we submit by a certain date. She has gone above and beyond to add personal touches to our newsletter and it looks great.

Thank you for all the work you do!”

Greeley West High School

The school newsletter program is a no-brainer for me as a principal. It’s a customized, professional-looking communication tool that gets the story out and not only doesn’t cost us anything, but even brings in revenue! The company is easy to work with and the advertising is local, school-friendly, and unobtrusive. Highly recommended.”

Ian Stone Principal, Maple Grove Elementary

“The concept sounded too good to be true…All we really had to do was get the information to TSCA staff and they did the rest! The end result was a polished, professional newsletter that wowed our entire community. We recommend the School Newsletter Company. They offer a great opportunity to raise money for your school and your community will thank you for it!”

Cheryl AtencioFoundation for Jefferson Academy

We have been happy with the school newsletter program because….family communication is very important to us and we want to send families a product that appeals to them and has the information they need at the tip of their fingers.  The quality of this newsletter is very high and the fact that it reduces staff workload by having all formatting completed for us is a huge plus!  Top that off with the extra flexible income that we generate and this product is an overall winner!

Michelle MalveyPrincipal, Lincoln Elementary School

Initially, I was leery of having an outside business create our newsletter that I had always created in the past.  However, relinquishing that responsibility has been nothing but a “win-win” for Peiffer.  After working with the School Communication Agency for 2 years, it has lessened my workload and supplemented our always deficient budget.  The people at SCA are helpful, accommodating, and friendly.  We have had very positive feedback from the community regarding the format and professional appearance. Overall, I cannot imagine why a school would not use this wonderful communication opportunity!

Mary Allen – Secretary, Peiffer Elementary School

In keeping up with technology and a new generation of parents, it was vital for us to find a successful way to keep the attention of our audience.  With the help of TSCA we are able to do that.  What was once a boring white booklet of reading material is now a vibrant, eye catching, electronic pathway for us to not only appeal to our readers but engage them as well.  It’s keeping up with literature in the 21st century. Thank You.

Rochelle Bicandi-MorsePoudre High School, Office Manager

“Robin has done an outstanding job, and has continuously gone above and beyond to assist me or make sure that what we want is exactly what we get. We are extremely happy with the work she has done and look forward to working with her next year.”
Jefferson County School

What Are Our Advertisers Saying About Us?

“I became familiar with Cynthia Hall over coffee one day after becoming interested in knowing how to advertise in the Leawood Elementary School’s newsletter. I teach piano and my grandson goes to that school, so I am familiar with some of the folks that attend.  I was so happy when 4 different families responded to my ad! It was how Cynthia laid out the ad and how it was put together, colors, words, and using my logo. Thank you, Cynthia and the others at TSCA Schools, for doing such a fine job for me. Now I start the new year with 4 more students! They are happy and I am happy. Cynthia was so easy to work with and so accommodating. Thank you so much! I look forward to continue to use your services!

 Carol E. DuBe – NCTM, B.Mus. – Piano Teacher

“These school newsletters are a fantastic way to communicate with parents and our community, while directly supporting the local schools. Each newsletters helps us spread the word that raising cognitive skills (IQ) through brain training helps children achieve their very best. Half of our monthly fee goes directly to participating schools and we love that. Thanks for providing this wonderful service.

Robin Grant – LearningRx Fort Collins

“The School Communications Agency is an excellent way to promote your small business and Janeen is wonderful to work with!  I have received a significant amount of business from advertising my local tutoring company through the Newsletter program, and I love the fact that the schools benefit as well!

Cindy Pearson – Tutor, MATHrive Director, Golden Tutoring & Enrichment

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