TSCA lets you grab a slice of a huge pie

Recently, I overheard a conversation by a group of parents enjoying the day in one of our local dog parks. They were talking about trying to find a fidget spinner at a nearby store. Fidget spinners, if you haven’t heard, have been all the rage this year in classes across the world.

As I listened to these parents chatting away, I wanted to inform them that a spinner does little to get a kid interested in learning if the material isn’t engaging. But I digress –  they said the store was sold out of them.

Among other things, the fidget spinning craze has highlighted the incredible purchasing power k-12 students have. According to at least one advertising firm, children account for 1.2 trillion in sales each year. That’s an unbelievable pie for advertisers to cash in on.

As a teacher, I’ve seen fads come and go as fast as you can say Super Mario. I’ve seen hairstyles come and go, too-cool-for-school attire vanish forever, and have witnessed trading cards fads hit the shelves with an approximate half life of a few weeks. The fidget spinner craze seems to be over, too.

The truth is, sometimes we don’t really know what sustains our children’s attention. But there are things kids simply need, like a good dentist, or an excellent sports club to discover new interests. The School Communications Agency has a pretty innovative approach to targeting the needs of children. The TSCA business model guarantees capital E, Exposure, directly to parents. And parents need family-friendly services, and it’s hard to get good family-friendly advice these days.

Here’s how TSCA works. We have a team of awesome newsletter writers where sponsors place family-friend ads. Since TSCA writes the newsletters, teachers have one less thing to worry about, because writing newsletters is hard. Oh, and schools get 50 percent of ad revenue straight away. Essentially, schools are being paid by TSCA to worry less. That’s pretty awesome, because teachers have a lot to worry about.

So, if you’re a business advertising with TSCA, you get over 100,000 views a month from parents, and it’s growing. Schools have gotten over half a million dollars. And parents, our newsletters get you involved.

TSCA can be contacted at your convenience. It’s fidget free!