Sponsorship Can Impact School Children

There’s one particular photo that I haven’t been able to take my mind off since it was published over a year ago. Take a look at this moving picture of three kids from Flint, Michigan. You’ll be glad you did. The context of this photo is just as moving as the kids are – compelled to gather water for their family because their public water supply has been contaminated.

It’s amazing to look at their faces, to think about the hurdles they have to overcome as citizens, as students, as sons and daughters. But look how they are dressed, how proud and determined they are, and firm in their belief that better days are ahead. I can’t think of a better message for students today to embrace and for supportive communities to rally around.

I’ve shared this photo with students and they universally come away full of gratitude, full of awareness to help others. We all know that fostering a helping spirit is contagious, but I think one of my former students said it best: We live in a society that celebrates paying back, but what a world it would be if we just as often paid if forward?

Paying it forward is the entire mission behind the School Communications Agency, to provide better days for schools and students, and to help give them opportunities to help others. A school sponsorship does just that. Having been a teacher, I know how valuable communication is for school achievement, and that’s why we are so passionate at TSCA to help students succeed. TSCA has an innovative approach: it creates immeasurable value through fundraising, and fosters engagement through communication.

By working with us, you help ensure that schools communicate community and industry ideals, and contribute to the cause of education at the same time. All of us who work here devote our time to this enterprise so we can help give back in important ways. A sponsorship in one of our newsletters greatly increases the odds that kids have their classroom needs addressed. Sponsors, you can find our information here. We simply live in too great of a country to not have opportunities for all, and your work with TSCA can help solve them. Thank you!