How to Raise Money With Your School’s Parent Newsletter

Newspapers are released every day decorated in advertisements to offset the cost of producing them. Now many are beginning to wonder if smaller publications, like school newsletters, could be doing the same thing to boost funds for their school. This idea of using your school’s parent newsletter to raise funds can be made possible through The School Communications Agency.

The School Communications Agency partners with your school, cost free. All you need to do are these simple steps:

  1. Send The School Communications Agency information that you would like to be placed in your school newsletter.
  2. The School Communications Agency will reach out to local businesses to recruit interested sponsors to place an ad in the newsletter for a small fee.
  3. The School Communications Agency organizes your newsletter in an eye catching, easy to read, format.
  4. Your school receives 50% of profits made to use in any way you see fit.

This program allows your school to have a professionally formatted newsletter and receive payments averaging around $300-400 a month, all free of cost. The School Communications Agency has raised over one million dollars in the past for schools in Colorado. We are a company that wants to help schools nationwide, starting with you!