How You Can Help Texas Teachers and Students

According to the USA Today, over 200,000 Houston students and over one million in all of Texas will not be attending school on time. The scale of Hurricane Harvey has been so devastating that numbers alone don’t do it justice. But what incredible numbers they are. According to CNN, the storm has dumped over 10 trillion gallons of water over Texas. Tens of thousands are in need of temporary shelter. And upwards of half a million will need immediate federal disaster assistance.

Schools and students need your help.

The US and Texas Departments of Agriculture have already ensured Houston students will receive free meals this year. That certainly takes a burden off many families, and there are so many more ways Texas schools will need help going forward.

Here are some things to consider donating to help Texas schools get back to full functioning capacity.
Schools need clothes, shoes, and supplies, most of all. These urgent items can be sent to:

HISD Harvey Recovery
Delmar Stadium
2020 Mangum
Houston, TX 77092

You can also donate via a Harrison County Independent School District page.  

To help teachers in Texas rebuild classrooms, you can donate directly to a Hurricane Harvey Recovery Fund. Over $600,000 has been raised so far. 

Another great oganization in Texas set up a campaign to help teachers rebuild their classroom. 

The National Education Association also has some resources to help you make donations to positively impact Texas schools. 

Teachers are going to be a huge healing agent in the coming weeks and months for Texas students, so its really important to give them the resources they’ll be needing. They’ll be working tirelessly to be sure students are safe and in a strong emotional place to turn the school year into a success.

Thanks for your concern in helping teachers and students in Texas get back to what they do best.