Best Way for PTA’s to Raise Funds

Many schools are supported by local businesses to help with fundraising. We’ve all seen many elementary kids running around with logo’s of local dentists, food chains, and doctors’ offices on the back of their shirt. We also often see fundraisers held at restaurants that donate a proportion of money to the school. This is a great way for the school to earn money and also a great way for the businesses to get their name out there. However, the sad reality is that only about 20% of those proceeds actually get donated to the school. It’s a tremendous amount of work for PTA/PTO members to organize with little compensation.

This prompts the question of what is the best way to raise funds? One way is to turn your school newsletter into a source of revenue.

Local businesses rely heavily on marketing in order to gain more service. Elementary newsletters have a 70% plus reading rate by parents. Using these businesses as sponsors for your school in your newsletter can sky rocket your funds with little work involved making it the best way to raise funds. The steps to making this successful are as follows:

• Watch this informational video of how The School Communication Agency can make this dream come true for your school: Four Wishes Granted

• Get in contact with the School Communication Agency at: or 970-239-1641

• Let The School Communication Agency do all the work

School sponsors love new ways to help schools and the School Communications Agency offers a solution that helps both the school and the sponsors.

It’s a win/win and everybody is doing it! Won’t you join in?

Give us a call at 970-239-1641 to find out the best way for your PTA/PTO to raise funds.