Your School Newsletter Is a Great Source for Fund Raising

Your school newsletter is a great way to improve communications, engage parents and create a more informed and involved community willing to contribute to the success of your school. The School Communications Agency has been working with Colorado Schools for over 5 years now and has helped schools raise close to $1 million dollars. That’s $1 million dollars for schools to use in any way they want that would not have otherwise been available to them.  Our goal is to reach over $5 million raised for Colorado schools in the next 3 years.

We can turn your school newsletter (or use the TSCA Free App instead) into a consistent and reliable source of funds. We build a three-pronged structure of support between The School, The Parents and Community Sponsors who are family friendly, highly rated, community oriented companies that want to be involved in school success.

Our process to engage schools, parents and the community is simple and involves helping schools in the following 3 ways:

  1. Improve Your Newsletter by ensuring (a) higher quality content; (b) better, easy to read layouts; (c) consistent, regular publication, and (d) expanded distribution
  2. Gain More Parent Engagement by creating a communications strategy that gets parents the information that they want
  3. Building on the community of support by creating a win/win situation that brings in new sponsors interested in helping school succeed but who are also interested in communicating directly to your parent community

Whether you are a school, a PTA or PTO, or family friendly community centric business, be a part of our success and contact The School Communications Agency today.