The School Communications Agency

Connecting communities of schools, families and businesses

What do we do?

We support the success of schools by improving communications, connecting sponsors to parents, and providing opportunities for families to build their own business.


Communicate to Parents

We create free, high quality, mobile friendly newsletters for schools that engage and inform parents, reduce administrative workload and generate discretionary funds.


Engage and Connect

We deliver consistent current information that connects parents to their child’s school and to the businesses that matter to them.


Reach Your Ideal Audience

We provide family friendly businesses a unique avenue to connect with the K-12 community through hyper-local, geo-targeted advertising.

Our Vision

Thousands of schools and millions of parents thriving and engaging together

Millions of dollars contributed annually to schools nationwide

Thousands of businesses reaching their target audience

Hundreds of prosperous franchisee families making a significant impact on their community

Our Mission

Enabling Schools, Families and Businesses to be Community Heroes