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What do we do?

Once a month, we gather your school’s content and professionally design and publish your newsletter. The newsletter can be read through smart phones and tablets, all at zero cost to your school. We find family friendly community sponsors and recognize them in the newsletter and mobile application. Our newsletter and mobile application will engage parents through better communication. 

And the best part is, we split our sponsor revenue with our schools! 


Sample Newsletters and Mobile Applications


What Are People Saying About Us?

In keeping up with technology and a new generation of parents, it was vital for us to find a successful way to keep the attention of our audience.  With the help of TSCA we are able to do that.  What was once a boring white booklet of reading material is now a vibrant, eye catching, electronic pathway for us to not only appeal to our readers but engage them as well.  It’s keeping up with literature in the 21st century. Thank You.

Rochelle Bicandi-MorsePoudre High School, Office Manager



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