3 Steps To Improve Community Engagement

Are you or your business interested in:

  • Working collaboratively with local people?
  • Bringing about a stronger and healthier community?
  • Building a great brand image?

Then Community Engagement is for you!


3 Easy Ways to Boost Community Engagement

Create a dialogue through social media

With social media today, it is incredibly easy to create a conversation with previous and potential customers. Go ahead and post a question, business related or not to your social media outlets. Create a conversation and talk with your community. Use your personality and make it genuine. This is a great way to establish your company as highly rated, family friendly, and community centric. This all goes towards building a great reputation!

Provide an inside look at your company

Post a video of a unique, inside look at your community. Walk around the office, casually ‘interview’ employees to executives. Give your community a different perspective on your company culture and personality.

Or, hold a raffle on social media or a community event for a personalized company tour. This is a great way to get a potential customer to become brand loyal. Make them feel important, but more importantly give them a one of a kind impression and inside look to your process.

Sponsor a local event

It is easy to find local sporting or community events, and most of them are funding themselves with donations, fundraisers and the like. Any extra funding or materials are always appreciated and a simple way to make a beneficial impact on your community. Efficient fundraising and building community is very beneficial to creating a powerful, local brand. If donations are out of the budget, simply volunteer and dedicate your time to help make the event better.