The School Communications Agency’s Holiday Newsletter Ideas

It’s “Tis the Season” time with holiday newsletters, when it is the perfect time to celebrate and share in the spirit of togetherness. As the semester comes to an end, it is a nice time to recognize the many accomplishments of your school staff and students.  A great way to show support and to help bond your community closer is to highlight accomplishments from the first half of the school year in your parent newsletter.

Ideas include:

  • Teacher awards
  • Staff recognition
  • Student accomplishments
  • Extra curricular achievements
  • School wide progress report
  • Classroom spotlight: fun activities, innovative ideas in action

Adding accomplishments will leave your parents feeling satisfied with the semester and more connected with their child’s school.

Another easy idea is to add in fun activities that families can do over break.  It is important to remember to cater activities to all religions and cultures so as to create an inclusive community.

Ideas include:

  • Fun holiday crafts
  • Festive cooking recipes
  • Family games
  • Cozy movie day ideas

These ideas will fill the room with holiday spirit, bringing a sense of pride and joy to the entire school. Your community will feel closer and more upbeat for the holiday break!

For more ideas visit The School Communications Agency website.