How to Have a Great School Newsletter

When writing a school newsletter, the word “purpose” plays a significant role.* Many have alluded to the idea that parent newsletters are only sent out to inform the community. While that statement resides true, a successful parent newsletter also consists of three further main components.  These are:

  • Logistics
  • Achievement
  • distribution methods.



The logistics in a newsletter is “the spark”. It’s what makes each one stand out so the reader is drawn to the content.  The purposeful information needs to be conveyed in an informative, eye catching manner. Using components like color, graphics, and purposeful headers in the format design of the layout is important.

Also, it is important to remember that when information is structured into long extensive paragraphs, often the attention of the reader is lost.  Keeping important content short and concise is the best way to engage the reader.

At The School Communications Agency, we publish school newsletters with both of these logistical basics in mind, allowing maximum readership potential.



Schools thrive on achievement, so why not flaunt it? Many parents that read school newsletters want to hear about success factors that are happening in the school they support. These achievements can include:

  • Student awards
  • Teacher achievements
  • Classroom projects
  • Extra curricular activities

Adding an achievement section is a small aspect that can help unite the community and create a positive outlook on your school.  The School Communications Agency will be sure to include your school achievements it in your newsletter.


Distribution Methods

Not every school can be successful using the same method of distribution of newsletter information. Some schools find parents requesting old-fashioned paper newsletters while others want the more modern methods of electronic distribution like emails, posting on the website and having a mobile ready app.

The School Communications Agency provides a template that is printable and mobile ready allowing schools to cater their newsletter to the demands of parents which helps increase reading rates.

The School Communications Agency works hand in hand with your school to achieve each of these components into all school newsletters thereby improving parent readership and providing important information to the community. or call (970) 239-1641 to learn more.


*Ref: “The Magic behind a Good School Newsletter.” School Communication and Leadership.