Meet Our Team

Chris Baker, Executive Director and CEO

aaeaaqaaaaaaaalbaaaajdvkoduznmvhltqwn2etngvimc04ndjmlwy5mdjjmtk2ztuxnqChris Baker is the CEO of The School Communications Agency, a social enterprise with a mission he deeply believes in – enhancing educational opportunities for children and cultivating parent engagement through exceptional “school to home” communication. He serves on the regional board of Book Trust, a nationwide non-profit dedicated to closing the literacy gap by inspiring a passion for reading among the nation’s most underserved children.  Upon relocating to America from his native England, Chris co-founded TandemKind, a charitable giving foundation focused on child-related causes; he is currently working on a new optics venture that will detect and diagnose vision problems in children earlier and faster through innovative technology.

Jerry Thurber, President and Chief Product Officer

jt-up-highJerry is the President and Chief Product Officer of The School Communications Agency. Jerry has been the President of four different Human Resource companies over the years and is excited to be applying his skills to help schools and children succeed. His passion has always been on creating something new and different. When he’s not hanging out at the office he can be found scrambling around in the mountains with his wife Beverly and their (all too) crazy dog Sadie.

 Jeremy Pourbaix, Director of Franchise Operations

Jeremy has a passion for building teams and supporting others to reach their business potential. He has spent over 15 years with a large national franchise brand and has been recognized countless times for his achievements and contributions. Jeremy brings a wealth of experience, knowledge and proven leadership that helps our franchisees build and sustain business that make a significant impact in their communities. Jeremy and his wife of 18 years love to travel, play and explore with their 4 school age children.


Stacie Keller, Director of School Services

Stacie KellerAfter working as Chief Operating Officer for Keller Enterprises for the past few years, Stacie Keller joined the TSNC team in 2013. She is a technical writer, editor, customer relationship manager, public affairs professional by education and experience. All work is done to support skiing, traveling, and fun adventures with the kids.


Tom Campbell, Director of Business Development

Tom is the Director of Business Development at The School Communications Agency. With over 10 years of business operations experience and an entrepreneurial spirit, Tom has been able to develop an operational approach to the sponsorship sales cycle establishing relationships with prospects and harnessing that relationship with clients. As a result, he has helped raise much needed funds for K-12 schools in Colorado.  Outside the office, Tom spends his time on the golf course, fly-fishing all over beautiful Colorado, playing the guitar/mandolin/banjo/ukulele, spending time with his family, and rooting for the Chicago Cubs!

 Sarah Heidt, Director of Accounting and Finance

aibeiaiaaabdcmuygfba14qalcildmnhcmrfcghvdg8qkdjjogzmnmq1ntuxotvizjmwztyxztu1ywu3ogm3n2rlodziy2uxywuwacfrhoat98xmkra1pg3chly7ngjwWhen Sarah is not being chauffeur, peacekeeper, homework helper, tantrum buster, potty trainer and toddler wrangler to her pre-teen sons and 2 year old daughter, she manages accounting for The School Communications Agency. Sarah has been Vice President/Accounting Manager for Optibrand Ltd., LLC and has had a previous work history in banking.  Sarah’s and her husband, a School Psychologist, share a passion for helping kids reach their full potential and find the fun in life!